Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 7th

Look at that Stacie!! I'm blogging!!! (Stacie is my sweet sister who says I don't blog often enough!)

So I am participating in the 365 Project! I really am excited by it! I've been taking my photos and journaling so when my kit arrives I'm all set! I think it will be really neat to have an album full of our everyday life photos! Some of these pictures would not normally be scrapbooked! We have a support group going at and this week we're focusing on Daily Routines! I really like this theme. Kinda helps to document what we do daily/weekly etc....

So I got this picture of Derrik yesterday doing his homework. MAN does he have a messy room! I think it's funny that he has a desk but it's so full of stuff that he has to use his lap! I think it's time to dejunk sweetie!!

Here is a recent layout I completed. LOVE this one! This was such a fun trip!

Haven't really gotten that many photos outside recently. It's way too cold for that!! Today is negative sixteen and it's been like this for weeks!! SUPER COLD!!!! I truly hope it warms up soon. The kids really want to go sledding but I think we need a new fresh coat of snow before that happens. The snow we have now is all packed hard and windblown. Brrrrrrrr.