Friday, December 12, 2008

December 2008

Well according to my sister Stacie it is time for me to update my blog! I am no good at this blogging thing! I have tried and am failing miserably! So I'll try to keep family happy and blog at least once a month!!!

So before I share photos with ya Stacie (HA!) I have to share something else! I was shown instructions on how to "TWILIGHT" a photo! WOW it is so much fun! The only photo I could find with good eyes and such was one of Hayden eating an apple. OKAY I know that Vampires DO NOT eat but it will do for my first attempt! LOL!!

Here is the photo before:

Here is the photo Twilighted!

Isn't that just the coolest??! Okay a bit creepy but fun!!! I'll have to try it again with a photo where no one is eating anything! HA! But you know..... there is an apple on the cover of the first book! =)

So here are some photos from the last few months for ya! In Scrapbook Form since most of these photos have been scrapbooked already! here are a few favorites:

First one I'll share is a photo of me from this summer and then one from me now! Just so you can see Stacie the change since I've lost 36 pounds!!!

A few from our trip to Utah:

The boys are growing like crazy! Here are some recent layouts of them and a few photos:

Here are Hayden and Derrik's school photos and then one I took of Tanner. (I was the school photographer for picture day so I took these photos!) They are growing up so fast! Derrik is now NINE, Hayden is SEVEN and Tanner is FOUR.

So my dear sister Stacie! I hope those are enough photos for now! I'll add more of Christmas Time for you as well. We put up the tree and the boys had their christmas program. So when I upload those photos to the computer I'll add some here for ya!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

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sherbear said...

The pictures and layouts and "twilight" pics are all amazing.
I think you need to blog more if you will have all that fun stuff to look at!!!