Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall Photos

Took the boys outside yesterday afternoon for some fall photos. They cooperated as well as can be expected.... so I didn't get a group shot of them that turned out the best but I did get some cute individual shots! I am very happy with them! Here are 3 favorites from each boy!

Here is Derrik! He is going to be 8 in a few weeks. He probably cooperated the best!

Here is Hayden. He just turned 6 early September and is so silly! But I did manage to get a few serious shots of him!

Tanner is the youngest. He is 3 and just full of energy but he held still long enough for some good shots! What a ham!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Sketches to Upload!

It's tuesday! Here are some new sketches to motivate ya! Hopefully they will get those creative juices flowing!

Just a note.... to see all of my sketches in one place you can visit my gallery at I have a folder just for sketches. My user name there is sari55

Saturday, September 8, 2007

EEEEEkkk! - Time to update I guess! LOL!

So with school starting I have totally gotten behind on my blog! The boys are so excited to be in school and truthfully I am too! They were starting to get bored of summer. They tend to need structure towards the end of summer! Hayden started kindergarten and as you can see he was super excited on that first day!

And Derrik is now in 2nd grade. I was in a digi scrappin mood the other day and did a layout for his first day.

Now Tanner is home with just me during the day and he doesn't know what to do with himself! I haven't had to be sole entertainment since Derrik was little so this is new for both of us. We're having a good time but the house is so quiet! The first day back to school Tanner was so excited when he saw the bus pull up. "MY BROTHERS'. He yelled as they got off the bus! What a sweetie! Here he is anxiously awaiting their arrival!

I was super excited to go to the fair and see my projects that earned ribbons! I only got a good picture of my bowl! This was made out of old magazines and I was super stoked that it won DIVISION CHAMPION! This bowl is also featured in Creative Techniques Magazine's fall issue!

The kids had a lot of fun at the fair! We rode a lot of rides, ate a lot of fair food, and had a wonderful afternoon! We were lucky that the rain never came and the weather was just beautiful! And I promise that it was not intentional to have them all wear striped shirts! Ha! It just kind of worked out that way. =)

Well that is good for now! I need to update my sketches and I'll do that this weekend. Tomorrow we're having a family gathering for Hayden's 6th birthday. So that should be fun! I can't belive he is 6 already! Happy Weekend!