Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time for a new TEMPLATE (#6) and some pics!!!

Okay so I've been super sick and I'm finally getting to my BLOG!!! Now before I post the new template I PROMISED my sisters I'd post some recent pics of the kiddos and such!! SO here you go my dear sisters!!! Here are some pictures of us when we went to the Wildlife Conservation Center! This was just Friday so it's VERY recent!! LOL!! We took all my Cub Scouts so there are pics of them too!

A few pics down you'll see Tanner's head. MAN these mosquitos here just eat him alive and he swells up bad!!! They were thick at the Wildlife Center and Tanner barely made it out of there alive! LOL!! Poor KID!!

The Wildlife Center was so cool. They gave our cub scouts a tour of the center and gave them each a cool set of binoculars which they were all THRILLED with! We then did a service project. They asked us to weed the vegetable garden. I was so proud of all the boys. They filled up 3 large buckets of weeds in an hour! They did so good! This was a successful trip and I am so glad we all got to go! They all earned a few belt loops and pins and I am excited about that!!

NOW that I've made my family happy (LOVE YOU MY SISTERS!!) here is the latest sketch for you!!!! This is NUMBER 6! You can find #'s 1-5 by scrolling through past posts! And you can download #6 here!

Happy Scrappin!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Earn a Gift Certificate!!!

Want to earn a gift certificate to the Scrap that Idea store?? Check out the new Wednesday challenge posted today on the Scrap that Idea blog! Look for a new challenge from me every Wednesday!!! Oh and if you haven't already scroll down to get the latest template!!

The sun is shining here today so we've been outside taking advantage of this great weather! Hope your Wednesday is bright and sunny as well!

Happy Scrappin!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

HAPPY MONDAY and Freebie Template #4

If you didn't know it already Scrap that Idea has a BLOG!!! Today there is a fun challenge posted by Cheryl! Just follow her recipe:

2 papers
4 ribbons
1 frame
1 bracket
2 bling
1 photo

Start with 2 papers and layer as you wish. Scatter or bunch the 4 ribbons and 2 bling. Add a frame to the photo and garnish with a bracket. Add additional embellishments to your taste. You must use at least 80% of Scrap That Idea products (any designer). Post your layout HERE in Cheryl's Recipe Challenge Gallery.

Here is my example for you:
I used Items from Stacey's Lil' Dude kit, Bling from Vicki's Colour me Happy Kit and another from Sara's It's a kind of magic Kit! You can find all these kits in the store!

AND look for a new challenge on WEDNESDAY!!!! I'll be posting a challenge on the Scrap that Idea Blog every Wednesday so check in then!! FOR now here is some more fun with kits from the STI ladies!!

First up is Sara! She has a new kit called It's that kind of Magic! It's a super fun kit!

Next is Vicki! Her newest kit is called Ahoy Shipmate! Here is my layout:

Mel has a super fun kit called Cool Breeze! I loved the zipper in this kit and ran with the idea that popped in my head! I really like how it turned out!

Stacey's Rip ZONE is super fun! AND right up my alley!! ALL BOY!!!

And now for the JUNE COLLAB! These ladies have come up with an AMZING kit!! It's called Beach Hut and it's AMAZING! I just love it!! I put together these 2 layouts and a TEMPLATE for you!!!!

And here is my layout using my template!

You can download the template here!