Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HAWAII as well as Butterfly Kisses and Let it ROCK!!!

We are going to Hawaii in EIGHT DAYS!!! I am getting SOOOOOO stinkin excited. I found a bathing suit today that I LOVE and am just happy with! It's in a size I haven't worn in a LONG time! Doing the happy dance!!! WOOOO HOOOO!! Got some flip flops as well. Okay I have always HATED things in between my toes. BUT these flip flops aren't bothering me! And I am 29 and this is the FIRST pair of flip flops I have EVER OWNED for this very reason! LOL!! I'm wearing them around the house right now trying to get used to this strange and IRRITATING feeling! But I know once I'm in Hawaii I'll really like wearing them and will enjoy them so I'm trying to "break" them in so to speak! LOL! I'll have to do a layout about my flip flops! I got 2 pairs by the way. A black and a brown. Gotta match everything right??

So in my digital world I've been enjoying Sara's new kits!! Sara has 2 new awesome kits available!!! One is in her store called BUTTERFLY KISSES! Here is a what that kit looks like and 2 of the layouts I created with it:

She also has a freebie on her blog called LET IT ROCK! This kit is a collab with VICKI and you can go to Vicki's blog to pick up even more of this awesome kit!! And this kit will only be Free for a short time then you can find it in the Scrap that Idea Store in the $1 section!

HEre is what it looks like plus 2 layouts i created with it:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Digital FREEBIE!!

OKAY here is another freebie created by me. This also was done like 2 years ago! I happen to really like the 2 stitches in this one! And this is when i figured out how to make washers so there are 2 in here as well as some ribbons and papers! I had created a layout using it but my photoshop closed in the middle of it and I decided to make my layout with it later! (LOL!! Darn photoshop!)

Anyways- it's called ERIKA and here is a look:

And you can download the kit here:



ENJOY!!! If you happen to use this kit at all let me know!! Send me an e-mail: or link to your layout in your comment! And like I said I'll post a layout using this kit later tonight or tomorrow!

New digi kits by Sweet Blossom Designs

Sara has been hard at work creating some gorgeous kits!!! (yes my name is Sara too so it's a bit confusing! LOL! I guess I'll call her Sara B! basically I don't want anyone thinking I'm talking about myself in third person! LOL!! HA!)

Here is one called Fresh Ideas. It is actually a collab with all the gals at the new : Scrap that Idea store!!! It's so fun!!! I love the color scheme! These gals: Vicki, Stacey, Sara and Mel have been hard at work with their new store! So be sure to check it out!!

Here are 2 layouts I have created with this AWESOME kit!!

Sara's new kit in the store is called Spring is in the Air. Here is the kit:

I'll show you my layouts using this kit once they are posted on her blog - Sweet Blossom Designs.