Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Sketch Upload

Here are the 2 latest sketches. Number 10 and 11.

Number 10 uses 3 photos and 2 large circles! Love the large arrow as well!

Number 11 uses 13 photos! Love the use of many photos on a layout!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just thrilled!

Had a photo shoot with a very energetic 18 month old on Monday after our trek to Hatchers Pass! This little one is so energetic and overall a hoot! Ended up chasing him all over his yard but managed to take a lot of pictures. After going through all the photos today and editing etc.. I am so happy to have a lot of photos that are keepers despite him running off during each shot!! Wanted to share a few of my favorites from the shoot!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Visit to Hatchers Pass

We have lived in Alaska for almost 10 years now and I have never been up to Hatcher's Pass. The remains of the old Indpendence Mine is up there and just beautiful scenery. We went up there on Monday so this post is a few days old but at least I'm posting! Ha! Anyways- it was a gorgeous day to go and it is only about 30 minutes from home. We had the afternoon free after spending the morning cleaning out the garage (yuck)! So we were tired from that but wanted to enjoy the beautiful day by spending it outside doing something!

Here are a few pictures from our adventure. The view from the top of the hill was amazing!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blog Challenge - Favorite internet sites to visit

Katie at ScrapbookPlayground.com challenged us to share our favorite palces to visit on the internet. Well I like to visit a lot but here are a few I've visited in the last week:

Cote' Scrap - a french blog so I can't read most of it but I love to look at the pictures she has posted here. Beautiful stuff!

MuggleNet - LOVE mugglenet! I am such a Harry Potter nerd!

Crockpot Cooking - A huge list of crockpot ideas! Love this site!

Cricut - love all the tips and techniques I'm learning about here. I have the cricut expressions and I am still learning how to use it to it's full potential.

TV Clubhouse - So I am a reality tv show junkie! I go here to get filled in on all the good stuff! Like all the big brother happenings on the 24 hour feeds! Love all the discussions with people who are just as addicted as I am !

Anagram Maker - I always have leftover sticker letters and this site helps me use them all up! Just type in the letters you have left and the site will come up with words you can use.

Andie's Phototips - Love all of Andie's phototips that she shares here. A wealth of information!

I love Photography - a wonderful photography board. Great topics, tips, and more!

Canon Digital Learning Center - I still haven't figured out all the gizmos's and gadgets on my digital rebel so I go here to learn more! Great site.

Sesame Stree Workshop - My 3 year old is highy entertained by playing all the games here! So for me it is a very valuable site!

Crafster - Love this website. So many ideas and think outside the box techniques! Love it, Love it, Love it!

Well that is all for now. I'm sure I'll come across more another time! Have a wonderful day!

2 new sketches

Poppin in to add the 2 latest sketches. A one pager and a two pager. These were for the 14th. Obviously I'm 2 days late posting them but life happened ya know! Had to go school clothes shopping last night for my 2 oldest and that took a while. They were both so excited it was a mad house! Wal-Mart was a zoo, so many people so I decided to have the boys try their clothes on at home. All of Derrik's fit but Hayden's jeans were all too big. So back to wal-mart before monday to do an exchange. (oh, goodie! LOL!)

Anywho here are the sketches;

Friday, August 10, 2007


I recently have been playing around with Photoshop to create my own sketches. Just dabblin of course but I am happy with them! I am hosting a sketch challenge at ScrapbookPlayground.com so every Tuesday I am going to post a new 1 pager sketch and a new 2 pager sketch. I'll post them here on my blog as well. So here are my sketches so far! Not that many yet but I'll get there!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Enjoying Nature - Thunderbird Falls

Went on a fun hike this morning with the kids and a few friends from church to Thunderbird Falls! A beautiful waterfall and just a great hike overall! The kids had a good time and were easily able to handle the trail. I am so thankful to live in a place where nature is just begging me to go explore! There is so much to see here in Alaska. And I have to admit that I have lived here for almost 10 years and I have never been here! Anywho- here are a few of my favorite shots from today!

Enjoying Nature - Floating the Willow

Monday - August 6th - we packed up the car and the boat and headed to the Willow River! We floated down the river and had a grand time seeing the sights that nature had to offer and we would pull over every now and then to fish and for lunch! The boys had a grand time. We went with our friends the Marshalls and just enjoyed the day! My DH was the "driver" and he did an amazing job keeping us in the middle of the river considering that there were 8 people on the boat and the river water was high because of all the rain. We all were wearing life jackets and rain boots.

I got some hip waders that were on sale but they only had certain sizes. I had to get men's size 8 which were HUGE on me so I looked oh so stylish!

We stopped at a sandbar that had a good fishing hole next to it and Charlie and Mike started reeling in the fish! They were pink salmon and not really worth keeping but the boys had fun helping to reel in the fish! Derrik had one on his line and he got so excited! A little too excited because he jerked the line a bit to fast and the fish got away, but that excitement of actually having a fish on his line stayed with him the rest of the day! Tanner did not want to touch the fish at all! He looked at them from a short distance but that was as far as he would get. Hayden wasn't sure at first but ended up touching the fish as well.

I did not want to touch the fish but held one after Charlie reeled it in and it was so slimy and gross! I have to admit when Mike had me hold his fish by slipping my fingers through the gills and in the mouth I was freaked out! The fish started moving it's mouth and body and so I dropped the fish! Didn't want to hold onto it any longer! LOL!
We had a great time overall and I was so grateful that it didn't rain on us!