Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st Gypsy Challenge at THE GYPSY SPOT!!!

If you have a Gypsy and want to get using it then these challenges are for you!!! Here is our FIRST challenge!!! TO see more fabulous projects visit THE GYPSY SPOT on November 2nd!!!!

HERE IS THE CHALLENGE : Create a project using the Gypsy Wanderings or Gypsy Font Cartridge.

I decided to go with a layout! I don't know about you but during the fall/halloween season I take a lot of photos! So that means 2 pager layouts!! I love 2pagers! So much more room for goodies and cuts and photos!! SO I used BOTH Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy Font for the title on this layout. So here is my layout and below it are instructions for you! (Once I figure out how to take "good" pictures of the Gypsy screen without glare and whatnot I'll add pictures in the future! But for now I hope written ones will do!)

1. Autumn Moments was created using GYPSY WANDERINGS with the PHRASE/SHadow Feature:
*Place AUTUMN on your mat at 2.25 height and 5.88 width
*Then place MOMENTS on your mat at 1.74 height and 6.22 width
*Move moments underneath AUTUMN until it looks how you want it.
*THEN click on the GROUP button, THEN click on AUTUMN. (both of these words should now be BLUE)
*NOW click on the ADVANCED button and hit the WELD button - your grouped phrase should now all be RED
*You can preview it if you'd like or just zoom in to make sure it's how you want it

DON"T CUT JUST YET. Place the AUTUMN MOMENTS at the top of the mat and the FALL FESTIVAL at the bottom of the mat and you can then cut both out at the same time. Just put 2 6x12 pieces of paper on your mat!

2. FALL FESTIVAL was created using Gypsy FONT
*The F on Fall is using the Monogram function at 1.92 height and 2.76 width
*The all is using the regular font at 1.92 height for each one
* I then grouped the ALL together and then moved the group close to the F. Once you have it how you want in then group the F with the ALL
*Now the F on Fesitval is the regular font with SHIFT on at 1.92 height
*The estival is all at 1.92 height with the regular font SHIFT off
*now group the ESTIVAL part together and move it to the F until it looks how you want it and group it with the F.
*Move the FESTIVAL word under the FALL word until it looks how you want it
*Group the two words together and then hit ADVANCED and hit WELD until it's all RED

NOW cut out your words!!! KEEP IN MIND that welded cuts take a while for the GYPSY to think through! At least on mine it does. It has about a minute or two lag before it goes to the screen that lets you hit LOAD PAPER! FOR mine this is normal and it does not mean the GYPSY is frozen so patience!! WHEN you finally get to the GYPSY cut screen to load your paper and hit CUT there is another 1-2 minute lag. Once again your gypsy is thinking. IT will say cutting - nothing is happening yet - but if you give it a few minutes it will start. It just has to think through your "semi-complicated" design! (hopefully the new update will fix this lag!) BUT for now plan on a lag and don't panic!!

Once I cut them out and adhered them to my layout I outlined them with a white pen to make them pop! Added some thickers and small abc letters from My Little Shoebox to finish off the title!!! (most items on my layout are from the October Trio kit!) AND to finish off the layout itself I of course had to outline everything with my white paint pen from Elmers and Orange Peel Stickles!!

HAPPY CRAFTING and we'll see you for the next challenge!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Exciting!!!

I am so excited!! Got picked to be on Nilda's Design Team at THE GYPSY SPOT!! A brand new blog that will feature the Cricut Gypsy!! I am so far loving my new toy so this should be a fun adventure!!! AND you may have noticed I'm blogging!! LOL!! It's been a while. I have recently stepped down from my Digital Design Teams but in a few months I may have time to pick them up again!! I'll still be digi scrappin and sharing templates every now and then. But for now I'm focusing on paper crafts and my family!

Got a skin for my Gypsy today!! I am loving the new Citrus/black skin cover!!! Makes the Gypsy look so good!! Thank goodness for COUPONS!!! Had a Joann's coupon I could use at Michaels on it! LOVE 50% off!! (got the coupon in the mail!) Spent the day in Anchorage today at Costco. We fill the shelves in the garage once a year. So hundreds of dollars later we will now be okay if an emergency strikes!!! LOL!! Gotta love buying in bulk! (Cream of Mushroom soup anyone?? HA!!)

Split my nail on a box there and had to buy a HUGE box of bandaids to get just one! LOL!! BUT I thought - a mom of 3 boys should have BULK bandaids so I bought another box!! LOL!! We now have enough bandaids to last a while! Everything is put away and it's leftovers for dinner. SO it's time to sit and play with my new goodies from Joann's and Michaels! (every trip into Anchorage has a stop at these 2 stores!!) Got: Coordenations Cardstock, Armor Etch(pricey stuff! Love coupons!!), small mirrors and little glass jars, 2 12x24 mats, and some glitter stacks!! I have a bunch of paper dolls to cut out for a christmas project!!

Anywho - happy CRAFTING!! And we'll see you at The Gypsy Spot for some fun challenges. So I am hoping to be a BETTER blogger and to keep my family informed of all my goings on!! LOL!! AND in case anyone facebooks add me!! Sara Drake Wise is my name there! =)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Wednesday Challenge and TEMPLATE #7!!

This challenge is up at the Scrap that Idea Blog:

Happy Wednesday Scrappers!!!!! Your challenge today is to use GIRLY papers and ELEMENTS on a BOY layout!!!!! YES that's right!! FLOWERS, HEARTS, LACE, SWIRLS, etc.... Here is my example for you using MEL's CALYPSO Kit! You can find her kit in the store here!

Have fun with it!!! Can't wait to see your layouts! Make sure that you use at least 80% Scrap that Idea items!! Upload to the gallery here! -- Sara Wise

NOW for TEMPLATE #7 - I did this layout using STACEY's Lil' Prince kit. LOVE this kit by the way. SUPER cute and all BOY!!! You can download the template HERE!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

So wow have I been slacking on my blog lately!!! i have a new template to share and will be posting that tomorrow!!!! Just wanted to pop on and apologize for my absence! Been sick, and then busy, and now trying to play catch up with everything since I've been sick and such! BUT tomorrow I'll have a lot to post about!!! Have some digi kits to feature, some pics to share, and of course a nEW FREEBIE template!!!!!!!

But for now here is a CONTEST I just read about!!! Not sure how many of you have a cricut and/or a cuttlebug but man this contest is amazing!!!!

Win $1,000 at!

I have just discovered that The Cuttlebug Spot is having a contest - "The Journey to 1,000"! They are trying to reach 1,000 followers by the end of July and need your help. To enter all you have to do is go to their site, sign up as follower and complete a few easy steps and you could win a $1,000 gift certificate to Custom Crops (! GO NOW and check it out at

Good luck to all who enter!!!!!!

See you all tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time for a new TEMPLATE (#6) and some pics!!!

Okay so I've been super sick and I'm finally getting to my BLOG!!! Now before I post the new template I PROMISED my sisters I'd post some recent pics of the kiddos and such!! SO here you go my dear sisters!!! Here are some pictures of us when we went to the Wildlife Conservation Center! This was just Friday so it's VERY recent!! LOL!! We took all my Cub Scouts so there are pics of them too!

A few pics down you'll see Tanner's head. MAN these mosquitos here just eat him alive and he swells up bad!!! They were thick at the Wildlife Center and Tanner barely made it out of there alive! LOL!! Poor KID!!

The Wildlife Center was so cool. They gave our cub scouts a tour of the center and gave them each a cool set of binoculars which they were all THRILLED with! We then did a service project. They asked us to weed the vegetable garden. I was so proud of all the boys. They filled up 3 large buckets of weeds in an hour! They did so good! This was a successful trip and I am so glad we all got to go! They all earned a few belt loops and pins and I am excited about that!!

NOW that I've made my family happy (LOVE YOU MY SISTERS!!) here is the latest sketch for you!!!! This is NUMBER 6! You can find #'s 1-5 by scrolling through past posts! And you can download #6 here!

Happy Scrappin!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Earn a Gift Certificate!!!

Want to earn a gift certificate to the Scrap that Idea store?? Check out the new Wednesday challenge posted today on the Scrap that Idea blog! Look for a new challenge from me every Wednesday!!! Oh and if you haven't already scroll down to get the latest template!!

The sun is shining here today so we've been outside taking advantage of this great weather! Hope your Wednesday is bright and sunny as well!

Happy Scrappin!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

HAPPY MONDAY and Freebie Template #4

If you didn't know it already Scrap that Idea has a BLOG!!! Today there is a fun challenge posted by Cheryl! Just follow her recipe:

2 papers
4 ribbons
1 frame
1 bracket
2 bling
1 photo

Start with 2 papers and layer as you wish. Scatter or bunch the 4 ribbons and 2 bling. Add a frame to the photo and garnish with a bracket. Add additional embellishments to your taste. You must use at least 80% of Scrap That Idea products (any designer). Post your layout HERE in Cheryl's Recipe Challenge Gallery.

Here is my example for you:
I used Items from Stacey's Lil' Dude kit, Bling from Vicki's Colour me Happy Kit and another from Sara's It's a kind of magic Kit! You can find all these kits in the store!

AND look for a new challenge on WEDNESDAY!!!! I'll be posting a challenge on the Scrap that Idea Blog every Wednesday so check in then!! FOR now here is some more fun with kits from the STI ladies!!

First up is Sara! She has a new kit called It's that kind of Magic! It's a super fun kit!

Next is Vicki! Her newest kit is called Ahoy Shipmate! Here is my layout:

Mel has a super fun kit called Cool Breeze! I loved the zipper in this kit and ran with the idea that popped in my head! I really like how it turned out!

Stacey's Rip ZONE is super fun! AND right up my alley!! ALL BOY!!!

And now for the JUNE COLLAB! These ladies have come up with an AMZING kit!! It's called Beach Hut and it's AMAZING! I just love it!! I put together these 2 layouts and a TEMPLATE for you!!!!

And here is my layout using my template!

You can download the template here!


Monday, May 25, 2009

STACEY'S Template Contest and more!

GOOD MORNING!! AND GASP! I'm on here 2 days in a row! LOL!! Stacey's Contest has begun!!! Here are the rules again:

1-Use this template-- you may alter it slightly
2- You must use at least 90% of Stacey's (kits) on your page
3- Load your LO to the Stacey's challenge album in the Scrap That Idea Gallery
4- Winner will be chosen by Stacey's CT and the winner will recieve a 20 dollar gift certificate to her store!!! AWESOME PRIZE HERE!!!
Email Stacey with any questions at stacey (at) scrapthatidea (dot) com
Here is the template! Be sure to leave a comment if you like it!! :)

Download Here! This is template 3 you can look in yesterdays post for number 2 and below that for number 1!

Here is the layout that I did before I created this template. I used Stacey's To The Beach kit!

Can't wait to see what everyone does with this contest template!!!!!!

Mel has a new freebie for you on her blog! It's called Miaaaow - all about cats of course! It's super fun! Here is my layout created with this FAB kit! Make sure you stop by her blog to snag the freebie parts of this kit as they come up! You can get the papers today!! I don't have any cats so Cheryl was kind enough to e-mail me pics of her Belle!

And if you love NATURE type kits then you'll love Vicki's new NATURAL BEAUTY! This is a freebie you can find on her blog! Here is the layout I created using this fun kit! You can get the papers today!

And did you know that Scrap that Idea has a group BLOG? It's just getting started so you can look in one place for info! There will also be weekly challenges, prizes, ideas, and more!! Check it out here!

Well that is all for today!! Hope you are having a great memorial day!!! My kiddos are playing, the sun is shining, and it's gonna be a glorious day!!! HAPPY SCRAPPIN'!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


So yes it's been a while again! I am trying to nail down a regular schedule for this blogging thing! ONE day I'll get it; it will click in this brain of mine and off we go! LOL!! BUT for now thanks for bearing with me and my sporadicness! (so not a word but oh well! LOL!)

Tomorrow STACEY is having a BLOG CONTEST!!! It's a good one too! Here is the scoop on that - it will be using my template #3! BUT WAIT - you are all saying - what happened to template #2!??!? WELL at the end of this blog post you will get it!! So you'll be getting 2 in two days!! HOW cool is that!!!?? Template 3 will be up tomorrow on Stacey's blog as well as here!

So here is the CONTEST info:

Sounds like fun!!! AND Stacey created that fab contest info using her new DANCING QUEEN kit! THIS kit had me singing the song in my head as I scrapped! LOVED this kit! Here is my layout using it, if you subscribe to the Scrap that Idea newsletter this was included in the most recent issue! If you don't subscribe you can do so here.

Stacey also has a freebie that you can snag from her blog called 2 by 2! Here is my layout using this fun kit:

MEL has been super busy lately! I've got 4 layouts to show you from her most recent kits! First up is her HELLO DARLING kit! I created this fun 2 pager showcasing my son cooking his own dinner! He loved the process from beginning to end!

Then there is NOTE THIS - a fun kit to highlight the musicians in your life! THis layout was created to highlight my husbands grandfather who is the most amazing trumpet player!

Next up is LOVELY. This kit was just perfect for my Hawaii vacation pics! THis is one of my favorite pics taken of Mike and I after the wedding! Love this man!

Last but not least is her HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU kit! The doodles in this kit are so much fun! This is once again my husbands grandfather who celebrated his birthday while we were on vacation!

Sara has a beautiful new kit called JUST PEACHY - it's gorgeous! I really enjoyed working with it so much that I created 2 layouts!

Here are 3 layouts created with kits from Vicki! One from her Colour me Happy kit (my love) , one from Over the Moon (get lost in a book), and one from Toy Box (little zookeeper)! I enjoyed creating with all three of these kits!!!!!

NOW for the FREEBIE!! I had 500 scrappers download my first template!!! WOW! I was just thrilled by that! It makes me happy to know that I created something of use to someone else!! AND thanks for the comments left! SO due to the awesome response here is template number 2! AND THIS is a FREEBIE within a FREEBIE! Included with this template is a grunge border I created. I've used it on a lot of my layouts!! THANKS for making my first template freebie a success!! AND if you have used my template please e-mail me at with a picture of your layout! I'll post it here!!!

Download HERE! And yes I did double check the link this time! LOL!

AND look for template number 3 tomorrow! Please leave a comment if you download! I love to hear your feedback! I love collagey type layouts and I'm sure a few of you do as well!! This template was based off the layout I created using the Scrap that Ideas MAY'S Scrap that Season COLLAB which you can still get at a great price!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


SOOOO sorry! Not sure why the link didn't work!!!


THANKS for your patience!! I totally thought it was working! LOL!! I guess I really should of checked it again huh?? LOL!!

Can't wait to see what you all do with it!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another boy - SCRAPPY Goodness - and A FREEBIE!!

So in my family there are SIX girls and one boy - my poor father didn't get his boy until 6 years ago!!! I have 3 boys and one sister has 2 boys and one sister has 1 boy AND she just found out she is going to have ANOTHER BOY! So my parents will be the grandparents of SEVEN BOYS! WOW!!!! One of these days one of us will break the trend and have a GIRL but for now BOYS RULE in our family!! LOL! They now officially outnumber our original Six pack of girls!!! And when you add in all the brothers in law we are now the MINORITY in the family!! LOL!! Totally different but it is a BLAST! BOYS are so much fun!!!!

NOW onto the SCRAPPINESS!!!!!!

Okay so PAPER first!! LOL!! As you know I design for 3ScrappyBoys. I just love my paper kits!!!! And Heather has the best ones!! Here is a layout I did using February's kit! Yes it was a while ago but I have some scraps left! This kit was just perfect for a few wedding photos I printed out! I also used my CRICUT for this one! Gotta love it!! The large black scalloped paper was cut using the Mini-Monograms cartridge!

You can go here to see my online gallery!!

NOW there is LOTS to share in the digi world! Sara, Mel, Stacey, and Vicki have been SUPER busy at Scrap That Idea! So many great kits!!!! Here are some layouts I have created using their kits!! Some of these kits are in the store and some are freebies found on their blogs!!

First up is a kit called Suede from Mel! I always find the girly kits hard to work with but this one just came together so beautifully! I think this is one of my favorite layouts to date!

Next Mel put together a kit called Bath Time! Perfect for all your fun bath pictures!!! Now I don't have many of those so I went a different route and just did pics of my youngest out in the dirt!!

Sara is up next! She has put together a cute kit called Ladybug! It's adorable!! Granted I have no girls so I am getting really good at using girly stuff on boy pages!! LOL!! Hopefully my boys forgive me when they are older! HA! THis is my oldest being silly with Mr. Potato Head's mustache of all things!

Now onto Stacey! She has 3 fantastic kits out now!! First up is one called 2 Little Bots. It's adorable! You can get this FREE from her blog.

The next 2 kits are called Lil' Prince and Lil' Princess! You can buy these kits together or seperately. Here is a layout from me using each of these kits! I think you'll be able to tell which is which! LOL!

Last but not least is VICKI! She has a few new kits up as well!! The first is called Puppy Love! This kit is adorable!! I really enjoyed putting this layout together!

The next kit is one available on her blog! She has a collab with Nicole called Darling Buds of May! This kit is VERY colorful!! Worked great for some EASTER PICTURES!! AND - TADA - here is where my FREEBIE is! I loved this layout look so much I made a template of it!!! So after reading this REALLY long blog post - whew, it's like my longest ever - you deserve a treat!!!!

So here is my layout:

And here is the template!! You can download it HERE! I have a few templates in the works so let me know what you think of this one!! I'd love to know!

Now these gals have also put together TWO different COLLABS!!!! The first is Showers in Spring! Super fun kit from Mel, Stacey, and Vicki! Visit their blogs to pick up all the parts and pieces!! This was posted on their blogs last day of April so you should still be able to get it all!! I created a few layouts with this COLLAB:

And the next Collab is from Sara, Vicki, Mel, and Stacey!! This one is called Scrap that Season and is JAM PACKED- pick up this fabulous kit for only $4.00! Here is my layout using a part from each season!

I think that is enough fun for one BLOG POST!! This is what I get when I wait so long to post I guess!!!! THANK you for sticking with me!!!! I really am trying to be better at this blogging thing! I'll have more layouts and a few more templates to come in the following weeks!!!! FOR NOW - HAPPY SCRAPPIN'!!!!!