Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Exciting!!!

I am so excited!! Got picked to be on Nilda's Design Team at THE GYPSY SPOT!! A brand new blog that will feature the Cricut Gypsy!! I am so far loving my new toy so this should be a fun adventure!!! AND you may have noticed I'm blogging!! LOL!! It's been a while. I have recently stepped down from my Digital Design Teams but in a few months I may have time to pick them up again!! I'll still be digi scrappin and sharing templates every now and then. But for now I'm focusing on paper crafts and my family!

Got a skin for my Gypsy today!! I am loving the new Citrus/black skin cover!!! Makes the Gypsy look so good!! Thank goodness for COUPONS!!! Had a Joann's coupon I could use at Michaels on it! LOVE 50% off!! (got the coupon in the mail!) Spent the day in Anchorage today at Costco. We fill the shelves in the garage once a year. So hundreds of dollars later we will now be okay if an emergency strikes!!! LOL!! Gotta love buying in bulk! (Cream of Mushroom soup anyone?? HA!!)

Split my nail on a box there and had to buy a HUGE box of bandaids to get just one! LOL!! BUT I thought - a mom of 3 boys should have BULK bandaids so I bought another box!! LOL!! We now have enough bandaids to last a while! Everything is put away and it's leftovers for dinner. SO it's time to sit and play with my new goodies from Joann's and Michaels! (every trip into Anchorage has a stop at these 2 stores!!) Got: Coordenations Cardstock, Armor Etch(pricey stuff! Love coupons!!), small mirrors and little glass jars, 2 12x24 mats, and some glitter stacks!! I have a bunch of paper dolls to cut out for a christmas project!!

Anywho - happy CRAFTING!! And we'll see you at The Gypsy Spot for some fun challenges. So I am hoping to be a BETTER blogger and to keep my family informed of all my goings on!! LOL!! AND in case anyone facebooks add me!! Sara Drake Wise is my name there! =)

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