Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HAWAII as well as Butterfly Kisses and Let it ROCK!!!

We are going to Hawaii in EIGHT DAYS!!! I am getting SOOOOOO stinkin excited. I found a bathing suit today that I LOVE and am just happy with! It's in a size I haven't worn in a LONG time! Doing the happy dance!!! WOOOO HOOOO!! Got some flip flops as well. Okay I have always HATED things in between my toes. BUT these flip flops aren't bothering me! And I am 29 and this is the FIRST pair of flip flops I have EVER OWNED for this very reason! LOL!! I'm wearing them around the house right now trying to get used to this strange and IRRITATING feeling! But I know once I'm in Hawaii I'll really like wearing them and will enjoy them so I'm trying to "break" them in so to speak! LOL! I'll have to do a layout about my flip flops! I got 2 pairs by the way. A black and a brown. Gotta match everything right??

So in my digital world I've been enjoying Sara's new kits!! Sara has 2 new awesome kits available!!! One is in her store called BUTTERFLY KISSES! Here is a what that kit looks like and 2 of the layouts I created with it:

She also has a freebie on her blog called LET IT ROCK! This kit is a collab with VICKI and you can go to Vicki's blog to pick up even more of this awesome kit!! And this kit will only be Free for a short time then you can find it in the Scrap that Idea Store in the $1 section!

HEre is what it looks like plus 2 layouts i created with it:


Preece Family said...

Oh are too funny!!! I hope you get a good pedicure to go with those new flip flops!!! I love ya and hope you have a blast in Hawaii with out me!!!

Sara said...

Sara - your Butterfly Kisses pages are stunning and the Let It Rock pages just rock! Enjoy your trip to Hawaii and the flip flops too - LOL! Cheers, Sara