Saturday, October 20, 2007

WOW.... it's been a while!

It's almost been a month since I updated my blog! That is horrible! I really wanted to write at least once a week! Oh well... here I am now! So my parents came to visit October 3- October 10th and it was a BLAST!!!!! WE had so much fun!

We packed a lot into those 6 days:

- Derrik turned 8 and we had a family party on Friday the 5th
- We had Derrik's 8th birthday party with friends Saturday
- We watched LDS Conference Saturday and Sunday
- Had Derrik's baptism Sunday evening
- Monday took off to SEWARD, Alaska and had dinner and stayed the night and then woke up and went on the Resurrection Bay Cruise Tour and that was AMAZING!! Such a beautiful day and I got the most AMAZING pictures! I'll have to share a few tomorrow when I go through them all.
- THEN we dropped mom and dad and my brother and sister off at the airport Tuesday night and headed home.

A whirlwind of a trip and I guess I'm still trying to recover and get my house back in order!! HA!! SLOW going but it will get there!

AND today I taught a calendar class at my LSS and it went really well. Part 2 of that class is next week so that will be fun as well!!

GOTTA run but I will update with pictures and new sketches by Tuesday!!!

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