Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Soccer Tonight!

So the boys have soccer practice tonight! Kind of a whirlwind because Derrik has practice from 6-7pm and Hayden's practice is from 7-7:45pm. And of course Hayden's practice is 20 minutes away. So Mike and I have to coordinate scehdules Tuesday evenings so both boys can go to practice! Needless to say we are both tired at the end of the day. Tuesday is also PLAYDATE day. We get together with 20 or so other kids from church and the kids play for a few hours. It is a lot of fun. The kids sleep pretty hard on Tuesdays! LOL! I love taking photos at soccer practice! The kiddos are so cute!

Derrik wanted to check out the lake behind his soccer field after his practice last week.

During practices Tanner just runs around the field in his own little world! At Hayden's practice there is a playset so he can keep himself entertained. He wants to play soccer so bad but has to wait until next year when he will be old enough. Here he is yelling at me to take his picture! LOL!! (and the mosquitos LOVE him so that is what the ouchies all over his forehead are. He picks at them so it takes forever for them to heal!)

So we're off to playgroup and then soccer this evening. BUSY day!

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