Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Official

I have finally created a blog! Now to be honest I have created a blog before but NEVER kept up with it! Figures!! LOL!! I hope to be able to keep up with this one! I plan on sharing inspiration, projects, layouts, ideas, daily life, and more here! Even challenges every now and then! I love to scrap and as you can tell by my blog title that's what I do the most! Today is a rainy day so it's a perfect day to scrap! And that is exactly what I plan on doing this evening! I am going to go scrap with my good friend Azur'de at the Scrapbasket. Now to go figure out what I am taking tonight! Hopefully I'll be able to pack it all up in a few hours. I have a few ideas in mind!

Anyways- I would love to share a project or some kind of inspiration daily! So here is todays inspiration:

This is my youngest son Tanner! He loves books and so I had to scrap his latest book craze. "The Hungry Little Caterpillar"! I absolutely love Ric Rac and I love these fun colors! Scenic Route also happens to be my favorite paper manufacturer so you'll probably see it used alot!

Well I'm off to pack my bags for the crop!


Corey W. said...

yay on the blog! and great lo!

Katie Jones said...

good luck with keeping up!

Stephanie said...

Looks good!!!

Marci said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!